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How To Make More Money From Your Current Freelance Writing Clients

Freelance writers rely on a constant stream of assignments to get their business up and running, so what happens when all the work is done?

It takes time to find new gigs and clients. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can easily get paying opportunities. Here are some freelance hacks you can use to always have enough money to pay the bills:

1. Build Relationships With Past Clients

Veteran freelance writers know that it’s important to submit quality projects and build relationships with clients. If clients liked working with you in the past, then they’ll definitely get in touch again. They might need blog posts, guest posts or landing pages for their future marketing efforts.

2. Upsell Freelance Services

Chances are, freelance writers offer a variety of services such as blogginge-book writing and ghostwriting.  Most businesses need a variety of copy and marketing material to keep their business afloat. If you’ve worked with a business writing blog posts for them in the past, you might want to upsell other services like writing landing pages or product descriptions.

How can you reach out to past clients? Here’s a sample email that I’ve used in the past

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